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Details about Omega Invest

Both villas are located on the neighboring areas adjacent to the forest near the ancient town of Rukavač, which is 12 km distance from the city of Rijeka. It takes 7 minutes by car to arrive to the center of Opatija – the pearl of the Mediterranean, a city of unique architecture, nature and landscape. Villas are built in a secluded place on the mountainside on the border of the nature reserve. The windows offer a magnificent panoramic view of the sea, islands, and picturesque surroundings. Terraces that blur the line between interior and exterior, classical proportions and large windows, the garden with an observation platform are signs of the Mediterranean style.

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Objects plans

Building permits, plans and other documents are in perfect order (available on the site or available upon request). There are no encumbrances on the purchase of real estate. The construction works were carried out under the strict technical surveillance and with adherence to the necessary standards by local licensed building companies with great work experience.

Omega Invest Benefits

Opatija Riviera attracts Europeans with its exquisite restaurants, yacht clubs and walkings to the islands of Krk and Cres. Cycle tracks leading to the top of Učka mountain and tennis courts allow you to be in good shape. Located in a 10-minute drive by car, the Thalassotherapy clinic, numerous SPA and wellness centers will help you to find emotional and physical harmony.


high-quality materials

ceramic bricks, expensive Italian tiles, Istrian white stone


Green zone

green mountain range rises above


Reliable construction

The construction works were carried out under the technical surveillance by local licensed building companies

Advantageous location

Villas have advantageous location with full access to all possibilities of infrastructure and utilities. A convenient approach road is of local importance.

  • недалеко от леса

    Near forest

    green mountain range rises above.

  • панорамный вид

    Panoramic sea view

    A magnificent panoramic view of the sea, islands and picturesque surroundings.

  • рядом с центром

    Near the center of Opatija

    Only seven minutes by car separate our facilities from the center of Opatija.